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The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work.

~ Oprah Winfrey ~

Who We Are

A leadership organization that is committed to empowering you in your discovery of conscientious leadership, social responsibility, and creating sustainable community.

A Purposeful Life Is Within Reach

In today's world, each of us seeks to have a great life with strong relationships, good health, fulfilling careers and financial well-being. But the pace of change is accelerating and we need to adapt to meet the new challenges that we face.


Have you thought about the impact you want to create in the world?


Is there something holding you back from creating the life that you love?


What is an area of your life that–if changed–would make all the difference in the world?


What would achieving your full potential and fulfilling your purpose look and feel like?


What is your legacy going to be?

Leader's Choice is designed to empower you to accomplish extraordinary results in your own life, and–as an outcome of that–have a massive impact in your organization, business, community, and family. 


Our coaching and training help to give you a new sense of freedom and conviction in your personal power as a leader. As a result, you achieve deep personal satisfaction and are inspired to make a difference in the world.  


Our methodology of education is experiential; engaging you through direct experience and focused reflection. What becomes available to you is an authentic experience that allows you to build knowledge, hone skills, clarify values, and develop your capacity to contribute to others. 

Our mission at Leader's Choice is to provide you with exceptional coaching, training, and development that is personal and effective, leaving you with lasting transformation.

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Meet Marie Charlot

Marie is a catalyst who drives measurable transformation by providing others with new tools to be effective, and thus maximize their potential.  

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The Quest

A powerful, rigorous, immersive program designed to generate conversations that empower leadership, strengthen structures, create commitments, build effective teams and boost teamwork.

Through this course, you will develop your core values, discover your power, leverage your passions, and build your strengths.

As you do, a culture of leadership forms within you and around you as well.

The Dignity of Belonging

The Grace of Parenthood

A humanistic approach to educating ourselves in being a remarkable, courageous leader who empowers change, connectedness, empathy, resilience, purpose and abundance. As we learn to celebrate our many differences and our common humanity,  we  are creating a new paradigm, shifting things that historically have never moved.

A transformational training that unlocks new relationships that provide a deep connection within homes and families. These profound relationships create an environment where self-esteem grows, self-worth flourishes, creativity thrives, and the future is full of potential.


Personal Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching you in all areas of life that matter to you, including relationships, business, career, finance and health.


We are committed to your success, and more importantly, that you develop the prowess of living a life of integrity.

Empowering you to be a powerful and effective servant leader. 

Generating breakthrough results with your team by being effective in your communication, holding everyone accountable and being a contribution to all.

Success is constituted of resolved breakdown.
                             - Werner Erhard

Client speak

Marie is a true partner who makes sure that what is needed and wanted is provided. Her leadership is about causing others to have breakthroughs in their leadership by having them on the court. In their actions, people discover their strength, talents, self-expression and powerfully impact others. As people become authentic they become creative, free and unleashed. The result is that they thrive.

Nicole J. CEO, WAMH - Financial Services

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