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Eagle Flying

Core Principles

Leader's Choice is centered around strong principles and values which we hold to above all else,



To create a possibility is to dream big, to dare be audacious, to be a “yes” to life.

At Leader's Choice, you create a new view of the world. You learn that possibility and risk are two sides of the same coin.

You will be trained to take better risks. By understanding that many things that really excite us in life simultaneously scare us.  Fear stops us. When you start taking actions that encourage new growth, you become extraordinary.


As you become extraordinary, you begin to face the limiting beliefs that come from your past experiences, and that you place upon yourself. You transform your view of life. Your new approach is one of wisdom that powerfully impacts your results in your organization, school, community, and family.



We often refer to integrity as a matter of morality, or what is right and what is wrong. At Leader’s Choice we address integrity as a matter of being whole and complete, with nothing missing. It is a lifetime practice that leaves you with a fundamental understanding that without integrity, nothing works.

In the end, integrity is being your word, and at Leader's Choice, you will become 100 percent accountable for your word. Your word builds character, and character defines your destiny.



Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. When you see something happen to people you care about, whether they’re in your family, your workplace or your community, you naturally lend a hand.


Empathy connects us in a way that allows us to recognize that other people’s experience has value, too. In discovering this, you expand your horizons. As you expand your horizons, you are inspired by the greatness you see in people. You see the difference you can make, and you surrender to being a leader who is not afraid to serve and be served.




Performance happens when you’re on the court, not when you’re watching from the sidelines. At Leader’s Choice you learn that results happen when you are in action. You are trained in developing strategies, structures, and plans to support you in producing maximum results.


You will be trained to spot the pitfalls that prevent action: reasons, explanations and justifications. You will be grounded in looking at a lack of results not as failure, but merely as feedback as to whether you are in integrity and your situation is workable.



This is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; to adapt and to continue to be in action.


Within a supportive community, you learn through experience to separate negative incidents — what actually happened — from disempowering internal conversations about them.


You breakthrough from being a victim, as you learn to address your circumstances. You transform your behavior, mental habits and practices. You become resilient, and you thrive.



Community is a group of people that creates a culture that offers its members love and support—a group that empowers its members. In community, you learn what it takes to be part of a team and empower teamwork. You develop your leadership.


As you do, you discover that communication drives a culture that nurtures relationships.  You discover that respect nurtures love and that trust nurtures a team.

In community, you take on being in service to others. You transform your ability to communicate effectively.  You do this by participating in projects that are designed to make a difference in other people’s lives.

As you take on being in service, you develop confidence and clarity. People around you start to mirror you. They take the initiative. They start to think and take actions not only for themselves, but for the success of the team.

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