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A  powerful, rigorous fifteen-week program designed to provide
training and development in the following areas:

  Generating conversations that empower leadership

Strengthening structures

Creating commitments

Building effective teams and teamwork

Developing breakthroughs in communication

Achieving extraordinary measurable results  

Client speak

When it comes to Marie she causes leadership. She causes leaders to be
leaders in service. With her, leaders are trained to be effective in leadership,
to produce breakthrough results, to build and develop teams, to boost teamworking, to create structures to accomplish their goals.
I guarantee you Marie Charlot is your leader.

 Dr. Denise  Angus  -  Family Practice,  Entrepreneur

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The Dignity of Belonging

The greatest crisis of our modern age is a bankruptcy of dignity. A violation of dignity in a home, a business, a community, a culture, or a nation is a gateway to the failure of the individual and the corruption of the whole.

Dignity is our birthright; a hallmark of our shared humanity. Dignity is an internal state of peace that comes with the recognition and the acceptance of the value and vulnerability of all living things. 

Our course is a humanistic approach to rediscovering dignity, building belonging, and promoting inclusion through trust and empathy. Inclusion requires transformational leadership and learning. As we celebrate our differences and our common humanity, we create a new paradigm, shifting things that historically have never moved.

As Victor Hugo said, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” The time for dignity, inclusion, and belonging is now.

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The Grace of Parenthood

Parenting is one of the noblest acts of service.

Parenting requires the courage to trust yourself with the life of another human being.

Parenting requires communication–the source of connection and a demonstration of love.

As a result, parenting requires grace–a spontaneous, unmerited, unconditional gift that we give to ourselves, our children, and–as a result–our world.

The “Grace of Parenthood” is a transformative learning experience where you consciously, intentionally, and actively adjust to growing and expanding to fulfill your purpose as a parent.


As a result, you open yourself up to developing a deep connection with your children that is unlike any other. This profound relationship becomes a safe space that allows a child’s self-esteem and self-worth to take root and to flourish. 

Parents endowed with grace produce a home where bonds are closer, trust is abundant, and love endures. And a child that is raised with grace grows to become a bestowed of grace and dignity on all they encounter in their journey of life.


Client speak

Working with Marie, I get inspired to be a leader in service. I started to take the risks to be vulnerable,
connected with a will to support everyone with love and affinity. As I continue to grow, my team starts to
mirror me. We learn to understand that everyone in our lives can assist us to fulfill our dreams. Together
we embrace inclusion, relish competition and that allow us to maximize our potential.

Dan F - Senior Editor, Scientific American Custom Media

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