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The Core Team

Who We Are

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John Dewees

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Inventor, Technologist

John creates and advises innovative businesses based on propriety process / patented products. His work with entrepreneurs focuses on the core issues of leadership, brand creation, and sustainability for value creation.

He directly supports the three pillars of the anti-human trafficking worldwide effort: Creating Awareness/Education, Rescue and Re-creation of Survivors, and Big Data to support legitimate law enforcement efforts in interdiction.

He is also a board member/advisor/angel investor with multiple startups in HealthTech,
EHR, Data Privacy, EdTech, ESG Marketing with
a strong focus on Women and Minority-owned businesses, committed to serving diverse people and creating diverse products and services.

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Dr. Michael Pirson, PhD

Humanistic Management Scholar and Changemaker.

Dr. Pirson holds the James F. Stoner Endowed Chair in Global Sustainability at Fordham University and is a full Professor with a focus on Global Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship. He is a research associate at Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program (HFP). He co-founded the Humanistic Management Network and is founder and president of the International Humanistic Management Association. He is the Editor in Chief of the Humanistic Management Journal. 


Dr. Pirson’s research spans various areas in the field of humanistic management, including psychological and social psychological work on individual differences in mindfulness, trust, and well-being; organizational research on corporate governance, stakeholder trust, and social innovation; and conceptual and philosophical research on freedom, dignity, and well-being. He is actively exploring the role of higher education in positive change-making and social innovation, leading Global efforts to transform business education (including with the Jesuit Network, Ashoka, UN, etc.).


Dr. Pirson is a full member of the Club of Rome, leads the Humanistic Management working group at the UNPRME, and advises a number of social enterprises. He has won numerous awards for his work including from the Academy of Management and the Association of Jesuit Universities.


He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in
Organizational Behavior (2009) at Harvard University. He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior (2007) from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, a Master of Business Administration (1999) from University Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany, and Indiana University, a Master of Public Administration (Diplome de Sciences Po) (1997) from the Institute of Political Sciences, Strasbourg, France and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (1996) from the University Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany.

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Jenny Saa-Tomala

Business leadership, Executive coaching and Consultant.

Jenny is knowledgeable and experienced in conducting academic and personal career counseling for non-traditional adult students. She has many years of experience of collaborating and working cooperatively with staff, administrators, of college departments and offices. Industry experience in academia, international banking and real estate.

For years, Jenny has worked with organizations to create procedures to meet short and long term goals aligned with their mission and purpose. Her trainings inspire performance excellence in all interpersonal and professional ranks.


Her strength is in helping organizations apply policies, programs and practices to create and maintain positive and high performing workplace.

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David Thirumur

Award-Winning Transformational Coach,

Leadership Speaker, and Training Expert.

David Thirumur has worked with over 360,000 people across 35 different countries in various capacities. He has also conducted over 1,500 training and speaking events around the globe and has spent countless hours in one-to-one coaching and strategy meetings.


His clients are from a large variety of backgrounds—from multinational corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Genpact, ANZ, Convergys, Fidelity Group, etc. to solo entrepreneurs and small businesses in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Moldova, and Nepal. This diversity of experience comes in handy with his clients, as he never takes a “one size fits all” approach, but rather helps each individual and organization find the solutions particularly suited to their unique needs. As such, he has won international awards for training, coaching, and speaking.

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