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Leadership - The Quest 

Creating visionary leaders empowering changes, purpose and abundance in the world.


You will lead with a vision and inspire a sense of commitment and purpose in others.  You will bring people together to build transformed communities.  That vision becomes the driving force that will give you power when you are not supported, when no one agrees with you, and when obstacles get in the way.  You will grow as someone who does not need validation or reciprocity of any kind to manifest your vision of the team.  With the team you will transform results at the personal, professional and community levels.

The program is conducted over a fifteen-week period that include three weekends and one session per week. We generate conversations that empower leadership, strengthen structures, create commitments, build effective teams

and boosts teamwork.  As you live on the court, you develop your core values, your power and

your passion.  Around you, leaders emerge.


In The Quest training you will:

·   Develop effective and exceptional communications by mastering new knowledge and skills.


·   Take better risks by making difficult and competent decisions and taking actions that spur new growth —while understanding that many things that really excite us in life scare us to death.


·       Adapt to changes and make necessary adjustments so that you can keep moving forward confidently.

A New Beginning -

The first weekend

A New Beginning is the first weekend of The Quest. It gives you the tools to unleash as an individual to lead and create the life that you love. You will develop the capabilities to uncover or identify the blind spots that may limit you. Through a series of structured exercises and activities that reflect all kinds of life experiences, you will be left trained and developed in making powerful choices that transform situations.


As you are learning, you will experience a new view of life that allow you to tap into your potential. Your ability to see life differently allows for forgiveness, letting go of the past, and being open to trusting, loving and

connecting again. This results in peace of mind.


You will also develop a strong sense of inner strength to redirect your way of thinking, and gain positive insight through personal growth. You experience a freedom, and the capacity to create and live the life that you love.

In the New Beginning training you will:


  • Acknowledge your personal power and take responsibility for your life 

  • Discover solutions and acquire the skills to accomplish your goals wholeheartedly

  • Create a life that you love.


Transformation -

An adventurous expedition.

The Transformation is the second step of The Quest. It is an empowering environment which allows you to work

with a team you care about and who cares about you.


This training reveals your true power to create and serve your team. You will be motivated and coached to be authentic with your team, to acknowledge your fears, and to be vulnerable with others. As you surrender, you become liberated. This freedom produces a newness of being--connected, intimate and loving.

This newness of being results in profound relationships with yourself and the people in your life.  This produces a joy

and vitality that will radically transform your family, your friends, your working environment, your neighborhood,

your community, and your society.

In the Transformation training you will:

  • Alter your relationships with fear and limitations within a team.

  • Enhance interpersonal skills that bring about the accomplishment of the vision and goals of the team.

  • Develop personal resolve to help you navigate complexity, change, and the day-to-day activities of life.

The Treasure -

An Acknowledgement


This is the conclusion of The Quest. In this weekend, you come together to acknowledge and celebrate your growth, toast your transformation, experience peace and grace, discover completeness, and welcome your new life. 

There is also a special realization that is brought about through this event. When you began the training, it was about you. You spent time learning about who you are and what you bring to the table. However, as you go through The Quest, it starts to become more about others, as you become a person of service. By the time you reach the end of the journey, you come to discover “The Treasure.”

The treasure is two-fold:

·        The first treasure that you have come to discover is your value.  The unique gift that your are.  It is  your character, your honor, your dignity, and your integrity.

·       It is also is your purpose and mission—your transformational gift to the world through your service, as you play the game that you have chosen to play across all the arenas of life.


Who should attend

People who are:

  • Searching for clarity about what fulfills them

  • Committed to get to the next level

  • Creating a life by design

  • Determined to maximize their potential

  • Committed to make a difference.


New Beginning

July 13 - July 16
and completion

July 18 2023


Thursday: 6pm -10pm 4 hrs

Friday: 6pm - 10pm 4 hrs

Saturday:  10am - 10pm 12 hrs

Sunday:  10am - 8pm 10 hrs

Tuesday: 7pm - 10 pm  3 hrs



The Transformation


August 3-6

and completion

August 8 2023

Thursday: 12 pm - 10 pm 10 hrs

Friday:  12pm - 10 pm 10 hrs

Saturday:  12pm - 12 pm 12 hrs

Sunday:  10am - 8pm 10 hrs

Tuesday: 7pm - 10pm 3 hrs


The Treasure


October 6 - 8 2023

Friday:  7pm - 10pm 3 hrs

Saturday: 10am - 10pm 12 hrs

Sunday: 10am - 2pm  4 hrs



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